Louisa Marks

Apologies to anyone who attended the Louisa Marks tribute at The Fridge on Sunday 13th December 2009 expecting to see Omar.

This situation arose due to lack of communication by the promoter/team. We were initially contacted but the date wasn’t confirmed and we never heard back from the promoter until the Friday before the show so we were under the impression that Omar wasn’t booked as we hadn’t drawn up an agreement which is our business policy or discussed/agreed terms. We spoke to the promoter and confirmed that Omar would not be performing. However it was after this conversation that we found out that Omar’s name had been advertised as appearing on the night.

Please understand that this whole situation happened without agreement from omar or his management. But sincere apologies to those who attended under false pretences and for any inconvenience caused. Although we’re sure you would have had a great night anyway being entertained by a huge line up. As the whole reason for this event was the important factor which was to pay tribute to one of Lovers Rocks great artists Louisa Marks who sadly passed away recently.

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